IAAM (International Association of Academic Methods) was originally founded in the year 2000 under the name IRAD (Inter-Racial Association Development). We were able to assist those with diverse needs through our resources. We used our own income to purchase supplies when our resources did not come through. We assisted others with monetary gifts to aid with diverse

needs. We identify with a lot of our clients because, we also had to do without; however, we had a regular income through our employment which gave us the hope that some of our clients did not have. When the economic crisis hit in the year of 2006/2007, our hearts were

filled with pain and sorrow. To witness that even our next-door neighbors were suffering due to either low income or no income, really took a toll on us. We saw neighbors become homeless with their children beside them; again, our hearts felt the agonizing pain. This caused us to become even more active in community service.

Our vision changed when we saw that the less educated were the most to suffer, so we decided to not only feed the body but also the mind. Going international came about when we saw the disaster in Indonesia, Haiti, and the Aids epidemic in Africa.

People sadly often take for granted what they have until faced with personal disaster. We have learned from that. We’re fully aware that we cannot change the world, however, we can change a life for the better, one day at a time in hopes that the ones we help may one day help someone else.



Helping Hand