Helping Hands


Food co-op and pantry

CNA/ HHA classes.

ESOL classes.

CDL classes

Gardening Classes.

Back to Eden health classes

Stability USNS program 

Homeless feeding/clothing program

Home restore program 

Immigration Assistance

Leadership Youth Club

Job placement assistance

Counseling Services

CNA/ HHA Classes

Our CNA classes are only for those who have their hearts in the right place. 

We are fully aware that individuals can go to any school to get their certificate, however, with our classes it is more than just a certificate. We interview every candidate to make sure they have a caring heart. We dedicate our time on an individual basis to those in need to assure their success. We provide tailored study skills to individual needs to get them the best results. We also assist each graduate to obtain employment which enables them to be independent. We have over 50 years of experience combined through our teachers and skills coaches.

CDL Classes

A three weeks class that provides each student with the proper training to

get them out on the road safely and stimulate the economy.

Back to Eden Health Classes

Learn to cook simple, delicious and healthy meals. Learn what foods and fruits that you can mix together vs. those that you should never mix together. Learn what foods can help you fight diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, constipation, weight loss and more.

Immigration Assistance

Dealing with immigration filing fee and other expenses can add up pretty quickly. 

Needless to say, that if the financial backing doesn't exist, despair shows its ugly face. There's nothing like the sign of relief when hope is present, this is what we do! We have a team of experts that assist those in need at $0.00 cost. When possible, we get donors to pay the cost for the immigration application fee. Hope is the best remedy, and we share it everyday. 

Stability USNS program

At some point in life, we all face seasons of hardship. No matter what race or nationality, everyone goes through hard times. Life can be difficult, but you never have to go through it alone. We’re here to help! USNS is a program designed to assist families that are in need. Through our community partners, families receive vouchers to come shop for needed items from a large variety at our u-shop non-shop place. No money exchange here, you only use the number of points assigned on your vouchers to shop. 

Home restore program

With the help of our volunteers and our community partners, we are able to assist qualified families that resides in homes that are falling apart with a special touch of repair. A little touch always goes a long way.

Gardening Classes

Learn proper gardening hacks and skills. These are fun, you can do them

with your children. These are also good survival skills.

Leadership Youth Club

We develop teens to become the building blocks of their communities. LYC impacts a generation that impacts their communities through service, honor, and courage. Our students have a 100% success rate of Highschool graduation that go on to pursue a higher education.

ESOL classes

Learning a new language can be very challenging and sometimes, even frustrating. Our team of teachers are equipped to ease the frustration by assisting each student with proper word pronunciation from their own language. With our unique teaching methods, every student is able to effectively communicate in the English language within four to six months. 

Job placement assistance

Through diverse community partners, we are able to assist clients with job

placement opportunities, including professional resume preparation.

Counseling services. We give everyone the opportunity to speak with a counselor of their choice that they feel more comfortable with. Every counselor is registered to provide counseling.

Homeless Feeding/Clothing Program

In the woods, we are there, on the streets, we are also there. A simple act of kindness means so much to someone who has lost all hope. We feed, clothe and love on the them because they need it, and we want them to know that they matter. We often find that they are the most grateful people that we serve.

Food Co-op and Pantry

We are able to provide food and more to 30 churches and nonprofit organizations combined on a weekly basis.